Thursday, March 19, 2009


This past Friday's artHAPPENING was a success, full of creative people, activities, and as always, art. The artHAPPENING stretched from Kirkland Ave to the bottom of Thornes Marketplace, with red balloons connecting the two locations and Bob Hepner's Carnival Truck straddling the middle. Inside Thornes was a flurry of costumes, passports, maps, haikus, collaborative drawings, height charts, themed baked goods, and much, much more. Derek Goodwin took some amazing photographs, which can be found here.

Outside, Emma Silverman lurked all around Kirkland Ave in her amazing handmade costume, climbing on the walls and hiding in corners. Henry White's motion-activated sound bread-box provided a unique soundtrack to the evening, with its hums and percussion constantly changing as people walked by. Hidden throughout the alley were Clara Varadi-True's decorated eggs, which held treats. Lined up on iron gates, cement window sills, and between bricks were 300 pennies (yes, $3 worth), as a part of Haley Morgan's Sense : Value installation. A group of improvisational dancers, with a score developed by Kelley Mariani, played throughout Kirkland Ave as the sun went down. As night fell upon the alley, The Gospel Lighthouse, a video exploring an abandoned church, was projected on the walls. An old school overhead projector provided an opportunity for people to draw on the walls (without really drawing on them!).
(check out the delivery truck driver in the background)

Thanks to everyone who came by and made this event so much fun!

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