Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Art Out and artHAPPENING this Friday!

This Friday March 13th from 5-8pm storefrontART hosts its third artHAPPENING! The event will take place throughout Kirkland Ave and in the bottom of Thornes (in the old Dynamite Records location). We've got an all star line up of local artists and activities that explore ideas of space and place, such as...

a lurking performance by Emma Silverman

motion activated sound by Henry White

"sense : value" installation by Haley Morgan

treasure hunt by Clara Varadi-True

charcoal animation by Scout Cuomo

"one square mile" installation by Emma Silverman

mixed media collages by Nicholas Morra

kinetic truck sculpture by Bob Hepner

dance improvisation by Kelley Mariani

video installation by Haley Morgan

...and a team of conductors led by Aliya Bonar to help host the party!

For more information about the featured artists, please visit Valley Art Share.
The artHAPPENING is also on Facebook.

The artHAPPENING will also feature baked goods, some drinks, great company, and spunk. This event is a part of Northampton's Arts Night Out. Kids are welcome and encouraged to attend and play with us. The artHAPPENING is free and very open to the public, and all donations benefit Commonweath Center for Change. Thanks to Thornes Markeplace for helping make this happen. We hope to see you there!!

The Raven messenger bird is connected to transformations and transitions. Some believe the Raven has the power to give courage to enter into a void. The Poplar tree is commonly called the "whispering tree" for the way their leaves move in the wind. The artHAPPENING Conductors will bear the spirit of the Raven and the secrets of the Poplar on their chests this Friday, and ask visitors to enter into a new kind of art and interaction. - Aliya Bonar

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