Saturday, February 21, 2009

Exploring the Spaces in Between with Woody Pistrich

Spending time in Kirkland Ave has allowed me to meet and talk to some very interesting people who live and work around the alley. Meet Steven "Woody" Pistrich.

Woody owns Pistrich Design and Builders in South Deerfield, which has done work in buildings surrounding Kirkland Ave over the past couple of years. Woody came out to visit and talk about Kirkland Ave during the movement workshop. He led me around the alley, pointing out interesting architectural features and old projects he had completed over the years. It was really interesting to see the layers and changes to the space over time, visible through changes in brick patterns, old pipes and wires, and filled in doors and windows. He taught me a lot about masonry and the characteristics of old buildings.

When I asked Woody to add a "brick" to our "If These Walls Could Talk" activity, without pausing he wrote "Repoint me! -->". When I asked him what that meant, he told me repointing is the process of remortaring or repairing spaces in between the bricks. He pointed to a place in the wall where the mortar was wearing away, leaving the bricks more exposed.

I love the different ways people relate to and understand the spaces that surround them. Each person brings a unique perspective and knowledge into a situation. Piece by piece, the story of Kirkland Ave is unfolding, it's personality growing. Thanks to Woody and to everyone who has shared their experience of Kirkland Ave so far.

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