Friday, October 23, 2009

Hello Friends! Well, the mural is still standing proud. I can't help myself but visit it daily, and I don't think I am alone. Kirkland Ave is undoubtedly getting more foot traffic and attention than it has in a while.

Check out my recent radio interview with (the infamous) Bill Dwight here.

On a nice fall day last week, Vanessa, Katherine, and I sealed the mural, but the sealer was a little too thick in some places, resulting in "partly cloudy" conditions. We plan on fixing this next week. If you want to give us a hand, drop me a line!

Here are some more photos from the unveiling & celebration...

I love the way light animates the mural at night...
Eric Hnatow playing/dancing/blowing minds (and cables)...
Eben and myself :-)

(many thanks to Vanessa Vargas for the photos and for all her lovely help during this project!)

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