Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Colors & Conversations

Woo hoo! Here are some photos from painting-in-action this week. Warm thanks to all the volunteer painters who have helped so far, the folks who have bought Golden Bricks, and all of the people who have stopped to chat with us in the alley.

I love how new public art- and art in general- can open up conversation between strangers. So many people have been eager to engage with us about this piece, this project, and public space in general. This project seems to illustrate how important art can be for bringing people together.

Another one of my favorite things about this piece is it's abstract design. Many people will ask "what is it?" and instead of giving them an answer, I like to ask "what do you see?" This opens up the door to a thousand possibilities of what this mural is, what it represents, or what thoughts, feelings, or associations it provokes in others. Talking about and sharing these ideas with each other is an important way to build community and bridge imaginations.

We will be painting this Saturday, September 26th, from noon-ish on. Stop by and check it out!

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